We all feel better after exercising – it’s vital for both our mental and skin health. Working up a sweat releases happy hormones, boosting our energy, self-esteem and creativity. But don’t forget to tweak your skincare routine, or that post-workout glow can lead to clogged pores, irritation and dehydration.

Exercise, stress levels and your skin

When we feel stressed, the oxygen level in our blood drops, and our skin can’t breathe - our facial muscles tense up and settle into deep expression lines. No wonder stress ages our skin. But exercising in the morning lowers cortisol levels and helps us cope with stress during the day – it’s a great chance to get negative emotions out of our system instead of trying to suppress them. But don’t forget to protect your skin from bacteria lurking in a moist, sweaty gym!




1: Gentle cleansing

If you don’t wash your face straight after exercising, sweat sticks to the build-up of oil and dead skin in your pores and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and spots on the chest, back and face; sweat also leaves drying salts on the skin. If exercising outside, you must remove pollution from the pores before it leads to sunspots and fine lines.

Post-workout skin is delicate, so avoid the temptation to wash away sweat and grime with a foaming gel cleanser – they feel satisfying, but their harsh surfactants also remove the protective oils that keep our skin soft and healthy. Try a milky cleanser instead, which will calm post-gym skin and leave your skin barrier intact.

Rillito Face Wash:

Formulated with an anti-aging blend of super hydrator hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich algae extract, our milky, scent-free cleanser gently and effectively cleanses post-gym skin without stripping and weakening the barrier.


Hault Exercise Tip 1:

HIT can leave you sweaty, but never wipe your skin with communal gym towels washed with commercial detergents containing skin-irritating chemicals. And try not to touch your face– think of everyone touching that gym equipment with sweaty hands!


2: Keep pores clear

Exercise stimulates testosterone and oil flow, so keep on top of exfoliation to avoid sweat-induced breakouts and irritation. Post-exercise skin is sensitive, so don’t be tempted to exfoliate in the shower at the gym. Instead, use a gentle scrub once or twice weekly in the evening or on a non-gym day. Harsh scrubs can remove the skin oils which sit between each skin cell and form an important part of the barrier. 

Dunes Facial Scrub:

Pollution is less likely to stick to smooth skin, so we formulated an anti-aging blend of ultra-fine sea salts and kojic acid to gently but effectively polish away dead skin cells without irritating the barrier.


Hault Exercise Tip 2:

Too much running can take its toll on your skin as well as your knees. Blame gravity – the up and down movement from pounding the treadmill stretches your skin until the jawline starts to sag,  known as ‘jogger’s jaw’. Alternate with low-impact exercise.


3: Rehydrate thirsty skin

Our body temperature rises during exercise and makes our skin flush red, so it’s important to calm and hydrate the skin.

Oasis Facial Hydration:

If you are prone to post-gym breakouts, you might be wary of applying moisturiser, but the air con in the gym will dehydrate your skin, leaving it tight, dull and out of balance.

Rich in anti-inflammatories, our fast-absorbing lotion rehydrates post-gym skin without the shine.

Mirage Eye Repair:

The thin, delicate skin around the eyes is especially prone to dehydration from air con because it just can’t retain moisture. Our lightweight eye cream plumps up dehydration lines and brightens the eye contour.

Aquifer Lip Hydration:

Lip care tends to get overlooked, but a combination of air-con, chlorine and hot showers can lead to dry, cracked lips. Like the eyes, lips don’t contain oil glands and can’t hold onto moisture, so we formulated a repairing blend of aloe oil, agave and our signature prickly pair to act as a barrier. Apply a generous layer before and after the gym.

Hault Exercise Tip 3:

Yoga calms the mind and skin more than any other type of exercise. Concentrating on each posture lowers cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for dehydrating the skin and damaging skin-plumping collagen.  



You can’t see or feel pollution, but your skin can. Pollution is just as damaging as smoking: it starves the skin of oxygen and speeds up premature ageing, leaving it grey and lifeless. Fine particles sneak into the pores,  leading to pigmentation, fine lines and congestion; they also make tiny holes in the barrier, allowing moisture to escape. Your skin’s natural antioxidants can’t cope.

If you prefer exercising outside, take a few precautions:

  • Stock up on antioxidant-rich foods
  • Avoid running along busy roads
  • Don’t forget UVA sunscreen if you are outside for over 20 -30 minutes.
  • Air pollution is lowest in the morning.

Hault Desert Skincare is rich in botanical antioxidants to neutralise free radical damage from both external pollution and internal stress before they age your skin. Desert plants have evolved to defend themselves from the elements, so they are vital in protecting your barrier.


Hault exercise tip 7:

Take a deep breath of clean, fresh air before exercising outside. And be careful not to screw up your face when cycling in the wind!