When was the last time you focused on yourself?

Time for yourself is vital for mental health, but modern life is busy, and we’re all guilty of neglecting ourselves and our skincare routine.

When bosses, partners and family make demands on our time, it’s easy to lose sight of that elusive ‘me time.’ But the overwhelming pressure to put on a brave face and stay strong for others will eventually take its toll on your mind, sleep and skin.

Men often don’t pay attention to their skin or mental health until something goes wrong – it’s easier to ignore the problem and hope it goes away.


Don’t let stress age your skin prematurely

When stressed, our adrenal glands release cortisol to help us cope. But too much cortisol makes our blood vessels dilate, leaving our skin red and blotchy. The skin doesn’t have time to repair itself, and the immune system becomes overwhelmed, leading to premature aging known as ‘inflamaging’.


Constant low-level stress is more stealthy. This damage is invisible because it happens at a cellular level, wrecking your skin barrier over time without you noticing and leaving it vulnerable to the elements.


Where do you hold stress on your face?

The quality of our skin reflects our mind, body and soul, and it shows when we don’t have time to look after ourselves. You can’t hide stress – it’s written all over your face, affecting skin colour, texture, and tone.

Everyone holds stress in different places, whether knitting our brows into frown lines or clenching our teeth and dragging the jawline down. When our facial muscles and fascia (the connective tissue covering our muscles like the peel on an orange) become tight and knotted, blood and lymph flow slow down, and the skin can’t lie flat on top. Nutrients can’t get to our skin, and toxins can’t be eliminated: skin looks dull, inflamed and congested.


Hault Skincare Routine for Men: time to put yourself first.

Let’s create a moment of calm to help you handle stress rather than just react - we can’t control everything. We all want to feel good in our skin, but self-doubt can distort how we see ourselves. If we believe in ourselves, it shows in our skin.

We can’t avoid stress, but a simple 5-minute skincare routine forces you to slow down and gain perspective – it’s a vital part of your self-care routine and will stop you from feeling overwhelmed. Your hault morning routine helps you cope with whatever the day brings; your evening routine helps calm you down and reset for a good night’s sleep.  

No matter how many demands on your time, we all deserve five minutes to ourselves.


Men’s skincare routines should be enjoyable – not a chore!

It’s easy to underestimate the value of good quality skincare, but when we look good, we feel good. Think of good skin as your shield against the world, physically and mentally, giving us more confidence to face the day or fake it until we make it. We want you to take pride in using high-quality products – your skin deserves it.

At hault, we encourage you to listen to your skin. Let us show you how to enjoy your skincare routine, the moment of calm – it shouldn’t be another chore on an evergrowing ‘to-do’ list.


The healing power of the desert: calm your mind, then calm your skin.

Hault has harnessed the desert’s healing and spiritual power to improve your mental and skin health – they are inseparable. There are no distractions in the desert, just a vast expanse forcing you to slow down and focus on yourself: a place to retreat and ground yourself.

Our Desert Collection celebrates resilient desert plants, rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-aging phytoactives, such as our signature prickly pear cactus, to protect your present and future skin. These hardy plants thrive in the barren desert by producing oils to retain moisture and protect themselves from the sun. Hault uses these protective oils to shield skin from modern-day aggressors like stress and pollution before they cause inflammaging - healthy, hydrated skin is pretty good at protecting itself.

Hault deep breathing techniques for deep sleep and calm skin

Do you keep forgetting to try deep breathing? By the time you remember, the moment has usually passed. Let’s make this habit part of your daily self-care routine.

Five minutes of deep breathing while you apply your evening products, will calm a hyperactive mind and help you fall into a deep, restorative sleep. (Sleep is an essential part of the wellness triangle: exercise, deep sleep and nutrition). It will also calm your skin – no one wants to wake up with sallow skin and puffy eyes.

  • Rilito Face Wash: gently cleanse for one minute to thoroughly remove all pollution.
  • Mirage Eye Repair: dab gently along orbital bone with ring finger.
  • Oasis Facial Hydration: massage in, then lightly tap all over the face to bring blood to the surface and aid penetration.
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe in through the nose for a count of four, then let out a big sigh right down to your belly.

If you are stressed, you will struggle to slow down your breathing at first. Persevere, and you will wake up refreshed the next day!