Hault Spring Skin Routine for Men

Is your skin ready for spring? Have you noticed post-winter dehydration lines, dullness and clogged pores? It sounds like your skin needs some help adjusting to the new season.

Hault never underestimates the seasonal change in your mood and skin behavior. Winter can drain our energy and make us feel sluggish mentally and physically – it’s tempting to neglect your skincare routine on a cold winter night. But getting back into a routine and taking time for yourself can help you recover from those post-winter blues.

Have you neglected your skincare routine over the winter?

Men’s skin routine should take its lead from nature. Nature slows down and hibernates in the winter, taking stock and conserving energy before making a big dramatic entrance in spring. Winter skin appreciates this gentler approach – it needs protection from the cold and wind before it scratches and dries out the delicate barrier. It struggles to cope with extremes of temperature and the shock of going from hot to cold and back again, leading to redness, ‘weathering’ and dry, itchy skin.

But if you slow down too much, bingeing on carbs and neglecting your routine, your skin and mind will be lethargic by spring. Dead, dry skin cells build up on the surface, making your complexion look sallow and dull.

Spring is just around the corner, so let’s brighten your winter-worn skin and get it spring-ready.



1: Up your exfoliation

As dead skin cells dry out and flatten, they stop reflecting the light evenly, and your complexion looks patchy and dull. Our skin cells should overlap neatly like a row of dominoes, but little bumps appear under the surface when they are poorly aligned. Oil gets trapped under the dead skin, clogging the pores.

It’s time to detox your skin, especially if you are prone to springtime breakouts. Men’s skin routine during winter concentrates on barrier repair and low-key exfoliation - but spring skin is less sensitive and thirsty. As the temperature rises and underlying winter redness calms down, your skin barrier can tolerate more exfoliation.

Dunes Facial Scrub:

Formulated with an anti-aging blend of ultra-fine sea salts and Kojic Acid,  our powerful dual-action chemical and physical scrub gently polishes away dead winter skin cells in time for spring. Buffered with skin-softening Hyaluronic Acid and Agave to prevent dryness and irritation, it’s perfect for all skin types.

Hault Exfoliation Tip

Exfoliation can seem like a chore, so leave your scrub next to your cleanser in the shower so you don’t forget.


2: Stop over-cleansing:

Even if you are prone to spring breakouts, be wary of over-cleansing – remember, your skin barrier will still be slightly sensitive post-winter. Men’s cleansers often use harsh surfactants to remove sweat, oil and pollution but also remove the protective oils that keep skin smooth, soft and youthful. Our top layer of skin is like a sponge: if you lose lipids and it dries out, it will look flat without any bounce.

Rillito Face Wash:

Formulated with an anti-aging blend of super hydrator Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidant-rich Algae extract, our milky, scent-free cleanser gently cleanses without stripping the barrier.

Hault Cleansing Tip:

Gently blot your skin dry after cleansing (wet skin is more fragile), and apply your lotion within three minutes to prevent dehydration.


3: Humectant-rich Desert Hydration

Thirsty winter skin can’t hold onto moisture - blame central heating and cold, dry air. If your post-winter skin looks lined, stretched, and shiny, too much moisture has evaporated from your skin.

If you were tempted to use a thick, occlusive moisturiser over the winter – stop! As the humidity levels rise in the spring, they can clog the pores and stop dead skin from falling off your skin. Hydration doesn’t need to be heavy. Your skin needs a lighter, water-based formula rich in humectants to plump up fine dehydration lines and protect your skin from the elements.

Oasis Facial Hydration:

Formulated with our signature desert blend, this fast-absorbing lotion keeps skin hydrated all day long without any shine. Moisture-magnet Hyaluronic Acid draws moisture to the top layer of skin and holds onto it like a sponge for soft, supple skin without clogging the pores. Our antioxidant-rich lotion gives you the ultimate environmental protection against indoor and outdoor pollution and UV-induced free radicals.

Aquifer Lip Hydration:

 Don’t forget to take your lip balm everywhere with you – lip balms aren’t just for winter! Lips don’t contain oil glands and can’t hold onto moisture, so we formulated a repairing blend of Aloe oil, Agave and our signature Prickly Pear to protect them from the elements.

 Hault Hydration Tip

We expect you will be spending much more time outdoors in spring! Sunlight is brighter in the springtime because it moves to a higher angle, so don’t forget your SPF if you are outside between 12 and 2 pm to protect your skin from sun damage and premature ageing.


4: Detox post-winter skin

Healthy skin starts with movement. Massage in your products using DIY lymphatic drainage movements from the centre of the face across to the outer edges to increase circulation, drain post-winter toxins and reduce puffiness, especially around the eyes and jowls.

Mirage Eye Repair:

Anti-ager Retinal is perfect for brightening post-winter eyes as they emerge into the daylight. A caffeine shot wakes up tired eyes by fading dark circles and draining puffiness. Over time, Retinal smooths fine lines and strengthens thin, crepey skin around the eye contour much faster than Retinol, making it more results-driven for mature skin. 

Hault Detox Tip

If your winter diet was heavy in stodgy carbs, your skin cells wouldn’t have received enough nutrients. It’s time to swap winter comfort food for water-rich fruit and veg, which stay in the body longer to keep you hydrated. Our skin is like a fish and needs water!